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SL3 & SM3
Mark Audio CHR-70 in tapered transmission line . Full range no crossover.
        SL3  32"H 6"W 5"D            SM3  35"H 10.5"W 5"D
68hz-20khz 86db $2000.00 Pair Plus shipping

Mark Audio ALPAIR-10 in 1/4 wave length transmission line tapered and folded 3 times. Full range no crossover.
                 36"H 13.5"W 5"D
40hz-20khz 88db Price $4500.00 Pair Plus shipping



Celebration is the spirit in which I write this note of gratitude to you. Some time ago I contacted you as a result of reading the review by Bombaywalla (send email) on three single speaker systems The speakers were in an Atlanta Ga. location and provided the opportunity to do a side by side comparison which to me in its self provided a compelling argument. I have since then procured a pair of your new generation "SM4" speakers which are already producing immense satisfaction and enjoyment within our household.

During the process of our initial interactions over several weeks, I became keenly aware of the contrasting differences in working with engineers, technologists, sales representatives and the like as compared to you as an artist characterized by great passion and dedication. I came to appreciate what first appeared as general chit chat on audio topics, as a skillful diagnosis with you placing the task of understanding the customer needs in an audio system as the overarching priority and not an impatience to immediately quote models and prices for speaker products. And most importantly, I reconfirmed to myself that one has to be meticulous and prudent in evaluating speaker products, the all important and final controlling audio system gateway to producing faithful high quality sound. While many diversified products are available an important point of distinction exists in the differences among those systems advertised to have broad ranges in frequencies. The goal is to identify the speaker systems that produce "clean" well mixed "lively" notes to form characteristic "Timbre" in sound like one would hear during a live production.

While being hesitant to delve into the complexities of technical explanations I will mention the Transmission Line enclosures which form the basis of your current products. In a nut shell I discovered that the transmission line works on the principle of the wavelength in sound and functions to "support" the moving speaker cone with a "cushion" of air that is not static but "dynamic" and carefully tuned to stabilize the production of resulting sound into a more linear and even flowing pure tone output. This concept is often misunderstood and underappreciated such as in my case before my most recent education. I suspect that this audio phenomenon might hint in part to the rationale for such strong and positive reactions to the Transmission Line Speakers by Bombaywalla (send email) in the Atlanta Review. I had the pleasure of observing this phenomena on your own personal speakers as well as my new "SM4" speakers.

Timing turned out to be very beneficial since my routine audio system replacement every 15 years or so coincided with your commitment to adopt new speaker drivers and associated speaker enclosure designs in your recently revised product line. After I installed the SM4's here in my existing audio system the net effect became instantly "life changing". Most noteworthy was my wife's reaction which was somewhat unprecedented in comparison to reactions while changing other speakers and components I have added over the years. She listened to a recording from a band that plays frequently in our local church. After a few songs and what seemed to be intense concentration, she
turned with this big smile and proclaimed that she could visualize each of the band members and it was as though they were playing there in our family room. Moreover she proceeded to listen to 4 CD's cover to cover. In fact I was unable to play but a few songs myself since this took us well beyond our bed time.

In conclusion I will only add that our experience every since installing the SM4 Speakers has produced sounds and enjoyment unlike we have ever experienced with our home audio systems. Visitors continue to react very noticeably to the apparent realism in the music that we play. I would certainly encourage anyone who is interested in upgrading their home entertainment and music systems to investigate and evaluate your products.

Thank you so much for your continued support and associated friendship.

B. G. Thompson
Cedar Point, North Carolina