Dear Ronnie,

I just wanted to sit down and write you about my current thoughts on Carolina
Audio speakers after the many months I have spent playing with various models.

First of all I still believe that the Carolina 6XL speaker has the most refined and
character-less cabinet that I have yet to hear with the exception of a pair of
Martin Logan CLS's I owned. These large Electrostatic panel speakers have, of
course, no cabinet at all. This is quite an accomplishment. Bravo! They simply
disappear. You can argue it's the first order crossover I suppose, but it feels to
me like the cabinet, and the cabinet is at least half the battle.

Second I have had an invaluable experience re-exploring my cd collection using
the Carolina Audio JSM 'Jordan' single driver satellite speaker. It is a perfect
match for my Cary 805C SET mono-block amplifiers, and has been a revelation!
This little speaker gets the music right, even if it misses on the bottom octave of
the "sound". I hardly notice at all given the pure and colorless quality throughout
its midrange. I love them!

Well, I do, but my wife missed the full range response and dynamics of a larger
speaker. So I ordered a pair of your Carolina 'Jordan' bass driver subs and
crossed my fingers (and my toes!) that they would not mess with the loveliness of
the JSM satellites. The results of this experiment could NOT have been predicted
by me...Once in place your Subs actually outshone the satellites in purity and
correctness of sound and were at least equals in musicality. I was honestly taken
aback by this and was afraid to call you and say that you needed to get the
JSM's up to the level of the new subs!

Fortunately I didn't have to call, because you phoned me and announced that you
had found that by using birch plywood instead of MDF on the JSM satellite
cabinets you had made a significant improvement in them. Hallelujah! You read
my mind I suppose.

Anyway, Ronnie, PLEASE send me a pair of the new JSM cabinets. I await as a
total believer in Carolina Audio both in it's continuing research and in it's
wonderful execution of top-notch speakers.


Steve Osborn
Stoutridge Vineyard

6 in Metal Cone Full Range in 1/4 wave length transmission line  JTM/3 $7500.00 a pair
JTM veneer fronts extra call or email for price.
31.5hz-20khz  88db

JTM /3

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Carolina Audio JX92 Tall Speakers Review by Stew G at Audio Asylu

Review by Stew G (A) on June 15, 2002 at 14:51:31
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for the JX92 Tall

I will start this review where I will end it as well: in my room and in my system, these speakers have blown me away unlike most anything else I have ever heard, and I've heard quite a bit over my 25 or so years of interest in home audio systems. Now let's back up a moment. Ronnie - the owner and sole operator of Carolina Audio - is an audio enthusiast like you, the reader. He builds speakers with the love and attention that any of us would do it with if we were building them for ourselves, and not motivated by market considerations. These speakers are a steal at the asking price, and to think I got my pair for $$$$ when he ran a special last month is downright highway robbery! Ronnie is such a gentleman, he only asks for 1/2 the price of the speakers plus shipping up front before he builds them, and then gives you 21 days to check them out before you pay the balance and he doesn't even bother to cash your deposit check until he knows you will keep them. Not exactly like dealing with your local high-end store or most any other mail-order manufacturer I know of.The speakers in question are quite petite at 37" high by 11.75" wide and 4.5" deep. The driver itself is the Jordan JX92 4" metalcone woofer, and the cabinet is a transmission line design, something that Ronnie is an expert at after working with Fried speakers for many years. They come in a very nice black lacquer finish; I am sure if you want to pay another ton of money, Ronnie will make these speakers really shine, but let me say that I am very picky about the cosmetic appearance of my equipment, and these speakers look just fine, thank-you very much.Being that I sit in the nearfield in a very small room, I would imagine that in a bigger room the soundfield would open up even more; suffice it to say that presently they fill the room with an open, alive soundfield that is awesome to behold. They don't produce what I would call background music type sound. It's the kind of sound that makes you sit up and take notice, and what you will notice is every little nuamce of sound that is on your cd or lp, but put forth in a musical, rather than analytical manner. That's a hard nut to crack, for a speaker to be so transparent but be musical at the same time. Nothing is over the top, I would say. I use a Hsu Research VTF-2 subwoofer, so I haven't bothered to find out how the speakers sound just on their own in the bass department (I was too eager to get this review down to do too much fussing around) but suffice it to say that these speakers have for their size surprisingly deep, taught, tuneful bass. They rock out with rock, and upright acoustic bass has all the slam, pluck and thunck as you might expect from the real thing (albeit with the sub in the system, crossed over at 60hz).Being that Ronnie's offer for in-home audition is so painless, I really think an interested buyer simply needs to try these out for him or herself. One thing is for sure, you will have a great respect for the capabilities of this Jordan 4" driver as well as for Ronnie's expertise at speaker building.
So I will end where I began: these speakers have blown me away unlike most anything else I've ever heard.

Product Weakness: may need to use spikes on thick carpeting, they have a small footprint and are relatively light at around 30lbs. Product Strengths: transparency, openness, musicality, looks, fun(!), ease of drive, price

1/4 wave length Transmission Line
38"H 12"W 5.75"D 30Lbs each


Please don't compare the JTM  or JTM/2 to the plans on EJ Jordans web site. They look the same but mine are deeper and a true tapered transmission line.